How We Got Started

        There's nothing better than standing in a department store, at the fragrance counter sampling the latest creations from your favorite designer. In the store the scent is intoxicating. You feel it's a perfect match and that you've found your new scent, the one you'll wear forever.  You pay the asking price, most often well over $100.00.

        You return home and prepare for an evening out. You spritz your new prize on all the pulse points... But wait... It doesn't smell the same as it did in the store. You look at the bottle to be certain you didn't buy the wrong item.  No, it's the same one you picked.  What's wrong? What happened between the store and your evening prep?  It's not conflicting with your shampoo, your deodorant or even the fabric softener on your clothes... Oh no.... Another perfume purchase that will sit in a drawer or if the bottle is adorned nicely, sit on your dressing table.

        I've lived this scenario a million times over.  There are many reasons for this unfortunate turn of events, including the fact that I was in a store where other shoppers with different chemistries were also trying on my new found love. The scent I adored may have actually been on the person next to me.

        Wouldn't you like the option to take home a reasonably priced sample of the perfume? Wouldn't you like to try it for a couple of days or even weeks to make sure it's right for you? That's where Try A Scent comes in.  The sample size you receive can last for up to two weeks. That's usually long enough to know if it's your true new love.

        Try A Scent was born out of the need to have a sample big enough to test more than once, without purchasing the more expensive full bottle only to end up leaving it in the perfume graveyard - a shoebox in the top of the closet.  The heart adorned atomizers fit perfectly in your purse for a night out and travel well for longer trips.  They're also refillable, so if the scent is the one you have to have, it can be refilled from the full bottle. The smoke black bottles are perfect for the men in your life who are adverse to sampling cologne in stores and usually have a large stash of not often or unused scents lying around.

        The atomizers also make great favors for wedding guests, bridal parties and can accompany a thank you note for a top notch service or gift you've received.  The same goes for the gentleman's colognes, they make great party gifts and the little extras that show you are thinking about them.

I'd be honored if you let me help you Try A Scent.